Sunday, April 17, 2011

What We Can Learn From Emo Children

We’ve all seen them. Those uber-skinny kids with the black drainpipe jeans and asymmetrical black hair that flops over one eye, you now the ones right? Well, once I went up to a clan of these children at my school and inquired about their style and why they dress the way they do. In response, I received and answer that I would assume typical (though not universal) of such people and that was “This is how I feel on the inside.”
Wait…wait… Hold the phone….
Let’s look at that again “This is how I feel on the inside”
This is actually a pretty darned cool concept once you get past the clichédness of the answer. What if we all wore clothes that reflected exactly how were are and how we felt. What if we each had a style as unique as our personalities?
Every day I go to school and see people wear the exact same thing, jeans and sweatshirts, maybe with slight variation but all in all it’s pretty much the same. And maybe that is just everyone’s personality maybe people are just the same like that, but somehow I think not… What is everyone was given the time, money and resources to wear something they loved every single day? Would they dress how they felt?
I’ve always had a very quirky style that matches my eccentric, child-like personality. I’ve always been obsessed with style and dress. I have, in my fairy-princess bedroom, bookcases filled with books about historical costume, fashion magazines (from here and different countries), fashion design books and much much more. So I’ve always in my way worn my personality, like the emo children (though not as dark, not usually.)
This blog is my experiment, my journal and my contribution. I searched the internet over to find out about different, obscure style and alternative clothing to form my own style, and now I bring it all to you. This blog will contain editorials, tutorials, pictures, links reviews and more that I hope will help people be able to develop their  own 100% unique style that reflects their personality on a budget that  fits them.
So, I think that’s it for my first post…. I’ve covered all the important points (dressing how you feel, unique style, personality….yep, all there!) Ok! So I hope you enjoy this blog and I hope to see you again soon! Any comments you have are greatly appreciated!

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